Introducing Adish

Craft, Community and Craftsmanship.

Adish is an Israeli-Palestinian brand that has been making waves in the fashion industry with its unique pieces blending traditional Palestinian embroidery with cutting-edge design to produce one-of-a-kind, meaningful pieces. With a powerful stance blending craftsmanship, tradition and activism, Adish stands as a brand intent on living by and advocating for change. 

The brand’s ownership and creative team is driven by an alternative perspective towards change - approaching it through business and creativity. The goals of Adish are to show the world the beauty and strength of Palestine through creativity and culture.

Adish’s latest collection, the SS23 "Common Goals" collection, is a tribute to the sports teams in Palestine and features the traditional Palestinian embroidery known as Tatreez. Both a cultural practice and expression through visual identity, each piece is made by local artisans who masterfully create this intricate embroidery rooted in their traditions. Through their skilled craftsmanship and creativity, they bring this traditional art form to life, and their work stands as a means to preserve their history. Adish is committed to its alternative approach to change, empowering them as artists and entrepreneurs.

The SS23 “Common Goals” Collection is a bold statement that demonstrates how art, culture, and activism can come together to create something beautiful and meaningful. Adish’s latest collection, “Common Goals”, is now available at A Ma Maniére online and in-store in Atlanta, GA.