Thom Browne Arrives at A Ma Maniere

Thom Browne was established in 2001 in New York. The brand originally began reconceptualizing the classic men's suit. Since then the designer has continued to break barriers by producing collections that add subtle details to classic styles in menswear and womenswear.⁠

Interestingly, the company has no logo but instead has signature stripes. There are two types of stripes. Browne uses four evenly-spaced horizontal white stripes on the left sleeve or leg of his button-downs and bottoms.  While on suits and on some other pieces, he uses a tri-color red, white, and blue ribbon as a branding identifier. 

The stripes provide a uniform look that’s seen in every Browne collection to help differentiate the brand from other similar ones. 

Browne continues to experiment with classic pieces. Although the brand has no logo, they have a distinguished cropped silhouette piece. The brand relies heavily on grey and navy colors for their collections that consist of suits, shirts, sweaters , bottoms and more. 

Available now on a-ma-maniere.com.