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Up-and-coming label 3•W•Y presents a slew of motorcycle and street-inspired goods for its Spring 2014 collection. Sticking to a dark and edgy aesthetic, this latest collection sees the label shun traditional spring colors for a palette that is almost entirely black. The cream of the crop from this collection are the Embossed Moto Jacket, the Leather Moto Vest, and the Ruche pants. The Embossed Moto features a midnight navy wool body with black embossed leather shoulder yokes and removable sleeves. The Leather Moto Vest is a riff on the classic moto jacket and features a cowhide leather body with an elongated embossed leather hem. The Ruche Pants are 3-W-Y’s take on luxe sweatpants and feature a cotton sateen body with ruched lower legs for a unique, tapered look. Shop here


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