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HIGHLIGHT: A Convo with Mr Rugs

If you live in Atlanta and work in the entertainment industry then you've more than likely crossed paths or at least heard of Rugs. An ambassador for Dusse and one of the biggest promoters in the game, Rugs has made his mark on the city and continues to prove why his name has grown to what it is today. We recently caught up with him in conversation. See below for our interview and follow him on IG: @mrrugs_
Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a man with a history and a past this is still trying to figure out some things as I’m sure we all are.

How did you come into this position?

I came into this position as a result of constant networking as well as having the ability to continuously reinvent my brand as well as myself.

How long have you been living in Atlanta?

15 Years

Why did you choose Atlanta, being originally from New York?

I just wanted to try something different and give myself a fresh opportunity to build myself and my company up in the proper way and there is no better city to do it in than Atlanta.

How does ATL compare to other cities you’ve been to?

ATL is unique in its own way the same way other cities are. I’m just grateful that i chose ATL. May be the best decision i made thus far.

What do you value most about what you do?

I value the fact that I’m my own boss, I make my own decisions and what I value most is the team I’m surrounded by continues to teach me, but they also allow me to make mistakes and learn along the way.

What responsibilities come with being an ambassador for a brand like Dusse?

I’m responsible for making sure that all the venues in the Atlanta area keep Dusse stocked in their respective venues, I’m also responsible for making sure that the brand is seen and as relevant as possible.

When was the last time you worked a regular job? 

I never worked a regular job I always believe my value exceeded working a 9-5, with all respect to the everyday working individuals.

Now that you work for yourself, are there any decisions in your journey that you wish you would have chosen differently?

No, I believe we are all made up of our life experiences and every decision I made in life contributed to the man that is sitting here now conducting this interview with you.



  • I enjoy watching rugs on Instagram and his live VIDEOS..great business person

  • Black excellence. I had no clue who was Mr.Rugs.His face was a familiar one indeed. Ran across him numerous times in the night life.Never had a face 2 face convo. This now give me more insight of the Dusse brand. Which I think, It’s a great brand to invest time in with opportunity for growth. Now that’s attractive. Smart moves. Contuine to create and promote your brand with success.Blessings!

  • I’m trying to make tht same kids move u did bro but it’s not easy at all

  • Great interview King, you came from the bottom and I pray the Lord keeps blessing you. Psalms 91 stay true. #MrRuggS

  • Smooth intelligent hustler with the ability to adapt keep motivating & winning rugs..


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