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A Ma Maniere at BroccoliCon 2019


D.C.’s Broccoli City Festival was one to remember yet again. This year the festival celebrated its seventh anniversary for the first time at FedEx Field. The Broccoli City Festival weekend included a conference as well that we were lucky enough to have a representative speak at.

One of our store managers from the A Ma Maniere location in D.C. was able to speak on the panel for one of the Broccoli Talks called “Creative Activism: Art and Social Justice.” The Broccoli Talk was opening and allowed the audience to ask questions and engage. It was more than just a Q & A, everyone was able to communicate as peers as the speakers were open and honest about their experiences  in the creative industry and more.

The talk included designer Kalilah Wright along with our store manager, Gabrielle Gregory. Kalilah Wright created her own brand called A Mess in a Bottle that represents the messages we try to represent with our apparel. She spoke about  being unapologetic, inspired and not being afraid to go places. She also spoke about owning her own company, where she is able to be as creative as she wants.

“Now that I have found my voice, it feels good to be able to be as creative as I want,” said Wright. “If you are at a job and not really feeling like you fit in, It’s because you don’t and that is okay as long as you stay true to you.”

The talk continued for about an hour long as laughs, experiences and information was exchanged between everyone. The two panelist bounced back and forth to keep the conversation going.

“Staying true to myself in the space at A Ma Maniere means using my platform to help make others aware of things that I feel are important such as celebrating women,” said Gregory.

The BroccoliCon conference started on 4/25 and ran through 4/26. The conference consisted of other topics such storytelling, content creation, marketing, corporate impact, entrepreneurship, and more. It was a time to network, learn, and develop for the attendees.

* Childish Gambino photo was taken by Official Broccoli City Festival Photographer, Derreck Smith

*Group picture was taken by Official Broccoli City Festival Photographer, Shaughn Cooper

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