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This week we sat down and had a conversation with the talented DJ OHSO. Originally from Toronto, the Atlanta based selector has worked up a reputation and spun for brands such as  Nike, Macy’s, Revolve, Sprite and Red Bull, as well as spun at world-famous festivals like A3C, SXSW, Manifesto, One Music Festival. Check out our editorial featuring her wearing Human Made, Maison Margiela, and Comme Des Garcons in addition to our conversation below!
At this moment in time it seems like our culture is being influenced by the past,(mainly 90's era) do you agree? and if so what era influences you the most?
I absolutely agree. I heard that fashion repeats itself every 20-30 years, so it totally makes sense why our culture is so influenced by the 90s right now. In terms of what era influences me the most, it would have to be the 90's. It was the era that I truly grew up in and feel connected to the most.
Any artist specifically that may have had a bigger impact on you than others?
I would say Missy Elliott. She was always pushing the envelope, she was progressive AF and I love how much she inspired women to do the same.
What about style influence? Who influences your style and why does that style connect with you more than others?
I would say Aaliyah. I loved that she could still be sexy in streetwear. I grew up as a tomboy so I was just naturally comfortable wearing baggy clothes & sneakers all the time but as I've gotten older my style has matured in a sense. You'll still catch me in some sneakers, but i'm probably wearing a sexy dress with it now.
We briefly spoke about you originally being from Toronto. Do you feel as if you've identified yourself as a Toronto artist or Atlanta?
I identify most as an artist in Atlanta at this point. This is the city that I've grown and developed my craft the most in and I'm grateful for that.
It seems as if Toronto and Atlanta have been the biggest influence in today's music scene. Not only do they borrow from each other's sound, but there's an unspoken alliance between the two cities. Having identified yourself with both, what similarities and qualities do you take from either that may be the reason for this unspoken alliance?
Both cities have a lot of raw talent coming out of them, so I think there is a level of respect between creatives in both cities that allow for this unspoken alliance to exist.
what is your opinion on the fashion scene in Atlanta? 
Atlanta is one of those cities where everyone is free to express themselves but the best part is that it's done so in such a unique, creative way. 
based on your style it seems like you may have some affection for sneaker culture. What's in your sneaker rotation currently (top 5 shoes you wear the most).
Silver Bullet
Royal 1s
AF1s (Black or White)
Reebok Classic (All White)
Checkerboard Vans 

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