Markeidric Walker for Nike Air Force 1 A Ma Maniere "Hand Wash Cold"

The A Ma Maniere team uses Atlanta artist Markeidric Walker for a Nike Air Force 1 A Ma Maniere “Hand Wash Cold” editorial. The Nike Air Force 1 A Ma Maniere “Hand Wash Cold” collection releases December 7th, 2019 in both a Lo and Hi version.

Hand Wash Cold is the new lifestyle extension of the A Ma Maniere brand, concerning social outreach and fashion. Based around the ethos of hustle, create, lead. Wear your way and handle with care. 

Markeidric Walker is known for his work through various mediums especially for his twist on classical art and his oil paintings. He's worked with the likes of Mike Will Made It, done apparel collaborations, and has been published in media outlets such as The Source, Complex Magazine, HYPEBEAST, and more. He is a strong believer in doing things in a traditional manner as far as art is concerned and has an in-depth knowledge on classical art.


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