Nike Air Force 1 A Ma Maniere "Hand Wash Cold"


For James Whitner, a common directive found on luxury clothing labels, “Hand Wash Cold,” is more than just a handling instruction. It's a reminder to treat the things you care about with an unwavering respect. In turn, it materializes in the stores, the related community work and experience at each location, and in the Nike Air Force 1 A Ma Maniére “Hand Wash Cold.”

Releasing in both a high and low version, the shoe tells a story of giving and giving back. Designed for wearability by street kids, inspired by luxury and numbered for transparency and collectability. 


The AF-1 features a suede wrap to the midsole, along with other high touch accents. Each pair produced is numbered (5914 for the High / 5269 for the Low).

Both high and low versions will release December 7th at all A Ma Maniere locations as well as on a-ma-maniere.com and SNKRS. 


  • 这双鞋子太好看了,真的看得我都馋了,真想拥有一双

    zhangxueli ABEWTA
  • old bur revolution design!

  • Need these, the soles are amazing

    Jack Nystrom
  • This hand wash cold AF-1 lows are just incredibly appealing! 😍
    Come 7th Dec, there will be 5269 happy souls!

  • Today is my son’s third birthday. He says he wants these shoes. Please let me buy


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