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Vice Menta: Bridging Cultural Gaps Through Music

Vice Menta is a Mexican music duo consisting of twin brothers, Marcelo and Eugenio. Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, the duo relocated to Atlanta to chase a dream and it's been going well so far. Inspired by people such as J Balvin, Usher, Chris Brown, and Drake, the duo's music is a melting pot of their latin roots and hip hop and R&B inspiration. Releasing their music on the Internet, they built a dedicated social media following with their crossover appeal. They've released an EP, La Wave, which has also contributed to the large growth of their social media following, earning them over 20K followers. Get to know the brothers a bit more in the interview below. We sat with them to discuss their roots, inspiration and chemistry.

What brought you guys to Atlanta?

We met our manager Ray Daniels in LA, and he's from Atlanta so he asked us to come develop our sound out here. It’s the best decision we’ve ever made.

Who are your influences and how have they contributed to your current style of music?

We were born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico which is only two hours away from the border with Texas. Because of that, our pop radio stations not only play music in Spanish but also a lot of music in english. Anything you heard on the radio out here was also being played back home. But then one day Genio was looking around the internet and we heard Chris Brown’s “Say Goodbye” and we we’re like “holy shit bro, what is this?" A week later we had a list full of R.Kelly, Chris Brown, Mario, etc. That's how we fell in love with R&B. Little did we know that a couple years later we’d end up working and being around a lot of the people who were part of those artists albums. It influenced our style in every way. I don't even think that we would’ve started doing music if it wasn’t for them. 

How do you guys keep your Latin roots inspired being in a place like ATL?

When we’re here, we talk a lot to our family and friends, so it makes it easier for us to stay connected to everything back there. It's just easy to stay connected now. It's not as easy for my parents but they’ve done their best to understand and support what we’re doing. 

Explain the differences you guys may have from one another that make this a great duo

We’re alike enough to know and understand each other but we’re still are two different people with different personalities, thoughts, etc. So our chemistry is just natural…

Does being brothers make the process simpler? 

Yes. Its very hard being with someone ALL the time. But for us its kinda like we’ve always been together so we already know the limits and know each other pretty well.

What's your process for writing and how long does that process usually take?

We used to ask this question to every writer we met, and they all gave me the same answer. Now we can tell you from experience. There is no exact process for songwriting. Specially for us since we produce our shit too. I’ve started songs while taking a shower, in the studio free styling, with a word I wrote months ago, etc. We also like starting an idea and when we are not sure if its good or not, we send it to the other one to finish up and shit. The only thing that remains the same is the process of going to the studio and really building the song together. 

How does style go hand-in-hand w your music?

Ray always used to tell us how we were always looking fresh as fuck. The name VICE MENTA comes from “vice” the english word for addiction and “menta” which literally means mint in Spanish. So basically addicted to being fresh. And that's the key to us, in every way, we always wanna be the wave, the new shit.

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  • It was good to know a little more about vicementa through this interview. They are really working hard for music and are really addicting fresh.keep working ?


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