Air Jordan II

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but light are the feet that catch the Airness.

  • Funny
  • how the ones who always do it for the culture, are never considered cultured.
  • Marvel
  • can easily manifest itself as mocking. A bird who only feels wind resistance can easily forget how fly she is.
  • But
  • your lineage didn’t get broken.
  • It’s
  • down in the DNA, from the fingers to the feet.
  • So
  • they can try to take away your history but never what your future holds.
  • You
  • are bold. Infinite. Undeniable. Unbreakable.
  • Powerful
  • beyond all measure yet still a ruler.
  • An
  • heir to the throne that will always reign supreme.
  • And
  • look how you touch the sky, and what a journey it is to be fly.
  • To
  • take off, to take air. What a journey it is to wear a crown, to ascend, to be heir.
  • What
  • good is a destination if you can’t shine along the way?
  • And
  • sometimes people can’t see how fly you are, because you are way above their heads.
  • You
  • are color in a world devoid of it, being the water and fire, in a world that asks for your rescue and your light.
  • Your
  • Airness. Your Blackness. Your Excellence. Nothing less.
  • An
  • experience of resilience, the ability to rise above the building blocks constructed to humble you, and mute you.
  • Even
  • when you’ve earned the right to be loud.
  • And
  • when you weren’t allowed to soar, you made the clouds your floor. And look how you danced across them.
  • In
  • a world so unjust but claimed it all in fairness.
  • Heavy
  • is the head that wears the crown,
  • But
  • light are the feet that catch the Airness.
  • And
  • our Airness…our Airness is forever.


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