The Stories of DC

Celebrating 10 Years of A Ma Maniére


In the heart of Washington, D.C., where history, culture, and creativity converge, A Ma Maniére has become a beacon of fashion, community, and celebration. As we approach the release of the A Ma Maniére Varsity Collection on 2.23, we invite you to discover the myriad of voices and narratives that enrich the very fabric of our capital city.

Corey Saunders

As a native Washingtonian, Corey Saunders sees himself as an essential part of the city's continual progression. His voice exudes a sense of responsibility to inspire others by showcasing the possibilities of hard work and excellence. Corey finds pride in representing DC through his sense of style, choosing clothing that reflects the city's rich history and culture. A Ma Maniére's impact, according to Corey, lies in the intent, stories, and community-centric approach that positively shapes the city's culture.





Jimmie Drummond

A proud graduate of Howard University and Parsons School of Design, he leads groundbreaking hospitality projects such as Bronze DC and HQ DC, and Plant-ish. Embodying a philosophy akin to A Ma Maniére, he champions community empowerment through design, envisioning spaces where the relationship between people and place becomes meaningful and experiential.

Khalil Cooper

Rooted in DC's unique elements, Khalil stands out as a crucial thread, not just in fashion and entrepreneurship but as a source of inspiration. Beyond the surface, he emphasizes the profound impact of intergenerational inspiration, weaving wisdom from the past into the fabric of the future. Khalil sees his role not only in his personal success but in the meaningful contribution of inspiring others, creating a cycle of positive impact.

Bobby Carter

Navigating the city's distinctive rhythm, Bobby Carter, brings a wealth of experience and insight. His unique voice echoes patience as a key element in making a lasting impact. Bobby emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences, especially with the youth, embodying the spirit of mentorship. His journey from the Deep South to the capital reflects the city's one-of-a-kind culture and its transformative impact on individuals.

Abdul Fouzi

A sneaker legend in DC, Abdul Fouzi's journey is intertwined with the city's unique fashion sense. His voice echoes the distinctiveness of the local sneaker culture, where your sneaker choice shapes the entire outfit. Abdul pays homage to the DMV's global impact on sneaker trends, highlighting the cultural significance of footwear. His connection with A Ma Maniére extends beyond retail; symbolizing exclusivity and heralding a new era in DC’s evolving sneaker narrative.

As we highlight the voices in our city, the A Ma Maniére Anniversary Varsity Collection becomes more than just an apparel release—it stands as a symbol of heritage and legacy in DC. Commemorate a decade of impact with limited quantities available at our Atlanta, DC, and Houston locations, as well as online at amamaniere.com starting February 23rd.