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About Us



Welcome to A Ma Maniére (pronounced "Ah Mah Mah-nee-ehr"), where the essence of individuality is celebrated in every stitch and fabric. A Ma Maniére, translated as "My Way" in French, embodies the idea that fashion is more than just clothing—it's a form of self-expression deeply rooted in one's identity and surroundings. Our boutique isn't just a destination for luxury fashion; it's a reflection of culture, community, and couture.

At A Ma Maniére, we believe that fashion is a powerful means of self-expression, intimately intertwined with one's identity and environment. Our meticulously curated selection of garments encapsulates this belief, offering a harmonious blend of timeless sophistication and cutting-edge design sourced from the world's most prestigious fashion houses and emerging talents.

From the timeless elegance of Dior and Balenciaga to the boundary-pushing creations of rising stars like Amiri and Greg Lauren, each piece in our collection speaks to the diverse tastes and personalities of our clientele. We take pride in providing access to the most sought-after pieces in luxury streetwear and footwear, empowering our customers to express their unique style with confidence and authenticity.

Founded in Atlanta in 2014, A Ma Maniére has quickly become a premier destination for luxury men's apparel, footwear, and accessories. Our stores have collaborated with renowned brands such as Jordan and Nike to express our high-end aesthetic and offer exclusive collections that embody our commitment to quality and style.

Yet, our mission extends far beyond the realm of fashion. We are deeply committed to empowering and enriching our communities. With flagship locations in Atlanta, Washington, DC, and Houston, and plans for expansion in Harlem, NYC, and London, UK, we aspire to create spaces that serve as vibrant hubs for connection, empowerment, and positive change.

As part of The Whitaker Group, our parent company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are proud to be part of a collective dedicated to shaping the future of retail and community engagement. The Whitaker Group, or TWG, is an award-winning experiential and creative company steering globally-renowned brands such as A Ma Maniére, Social Status, APB, and Prosper. With a portfolio spanning retail, living, restaurants, and outreach experiences, TWG embodies innovation and excellence in every endeavor.

Through initiatives like Hand Wash Cold, we harness our platform to address pressing social issues and make a tangible impact in the lives of those around us. Our dedication to excellence is further exemplified through our partnerships, where we collaborate with esteemed fashion houses and emerging designers to push the boundaries of style and authenticity.

Experience luxury reimagined through our innovative concepts, such as A Ma Maniére Living—a seamless fusion of luxury lodging and retail—and A Ma Maniére EATS—an immersive culinary experience seamlessly integrated with our retail environment. Each concept reflects our unwavering commitment to crafting immersive and unforgettable experiences for our clientele, inviting them to indulge in the finer aspects of life.

Through programs like COLOR/CODE, we champion Black and minority designers by providing them with a platform to showcase their talent and creativity. Our incubator program nurtures aspiring designers, equipping them with the resources and support needed to transform their dreams into reality.

Join us at A Ma Maniére and embark on a journey of luxury, community, and creativity. Explore our carefully curated collection of luxury apparel, footwear, and accessories, and immerse yourself in a retail experience like no other. Together, let's redefine luxury and make a difference, one community at a time.