Now Available online and in-store at A Ma Maniére

The Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded Emily Bode Aujla, menswear designer of the year just last fall. While the award put the mainstream spotlight on Aujla, Bode has been breaking ground since 2016 with the concept of preserving textiles and telling the stories that the materials hold.

Bode, the brand that became recognizable with a couture level studio producing one-of-a-kind pieces crafted with vintage materials and DIY-style embroidery, created a nostalgic emotion with every release. 100% silk, embroidery work on linen, and luxurious wool are just a few of the materials that bring the latest Bode collection to life. Tailor-made in New York and New Delhi pieces by Bode are now available at A Ma Maniére boutiques and online at amamaniere.com.