Burberry Mirrors Natural Elements for Pre-Fall 2021

Taking the outdoors as inspiration, Ricardo Tisci took the natural elements in London to style up the latest Burberry Pre-Fall collection. The pre-fall collection focuses on countrywear, such as monogrammed camouflage, with a hint of streetwear influence. Abstract prints and camouflage set the tone with delicate silhouettes and fabrics. A casual look to the collection appears through cargo pants with exaggerated straps for a more styled streetwear approach.

Burberry mirrors environments with vibrant prints, colors, and textures. Tisci uses digitized prints that pay homage to the autostereogram patterns that appeared in the early 1990s. Classic logo prints grace the fronts of the black tees, while collared shirts are complemented with the traditional allover, checkered plaid burberry print.  Shop the latest Burberry Pre-Fall collection at A Ma Maniere boutiques.