A Ma Maniére x Brownstone

Now Available at A Ma Maniére

The A Ma Maniére x Brownstone capsule collection is the newest addition to our ever-growing Color Code program.

Brownstone was created in 2015 by twin brothers Warner and Waverly Watkins, in the heart and soul of Los Angeles. Fueled by Oskar Schlemmer’s Das Triadisches Ballett (1922) and the Bauhaus legacy, Warner and Waverly developed the entire collection depicting artistic metaphysical mathematics. These pieces highlight the geometric, abstract Bauhaus style, emphasizing movement and fluidity.

The A Ma Maniére x Brownstone capsule collection embodies the true essence of Bauhaus, free-flowing, purposeful lines that come together to create a geometric image, all while staying true to the roots that Brownstone planted in its inception. The clothing, hoodies, sweatpants, and t-shirts, all have unique geometric shapes and figurines which explore the human form and movements in unique and trippy ways. They also play with modern themes of industrialization and machinery and the relationship between humans and machinery.

Shop the newest Color Code capsule by Brownstone, available at all A Ma Maniére boutiques and online on Friday October 7th.

Color Code program is a The Whitaker Grp effort designed to support smaller brands led by POC by creating collaborative capsule collections.