Dream A World, An Ode to the City of Baltimore

NIKE Foamposite, a DMV Exclusive

Introducing the final release of the Nike Foamposite “Dream A World,” an ode to the city with uniqueness and importance to Black culture, a symbol of opportunity meeting preparation. The limited release with only 850 pairs is releasing in-store at A Ma Maniére DC and Social Status Baltimore on 8.12 during regular business hours and at amamaniere.com on 8.12 at 10AM EST. 

How to Access the Footwear

The online draw for all to enter is available now through 8.10 on A Ma Maniére here and Social Status here. Exclusive DMV Priority Access is granted at A Ma Maniére DC and the newest Social Status Baltimore space only. Visit the two spaces from 8.7 until 8.10 to enter the exclusive Local In-Store Draw. Please note that entries are limited to 1 per person and confirmed entries do not guarantee access to a shoe. Select winners will receive invoices before release day.

Meet the Voices of Baltimore

Baltimore sets the tone for the historic silhouette, inspired by Langston Hughes poem “I Dream A World,” speaking to the resilience, persistence, and the future of the DMV and all the people that uplift the city everyday. 


Faded Barber Shop

A space serving as a positive beacon of light to the City of Baltimore since 2013. The space has seen generations of families come into their space creating long lasting relationships, all through their attention to detail in hairstyles.

B-360 Baltimore

B-360 builds bridges in communities to end the cycle of poverty utilizing bike culture. Through STEM education, community engagement, and career preparation, B-360 prepares Baltimore’s youth with the skills necessary for a bright future, all while challenging the negative perception of dirt bike riders.

Da Lor Band

Baltimore’s Da Lor Band is a genre-bending experience with frontman Al Rogers Jr., trumpet player Brandon Woody, multi-instrumentalist Troy Long, drummer and singer Josh Stokes, and honorable mention of the talented Cheyanne Zadia. Al Rogers has a unique poetic presentation of lyrics blended into his passion for music with unique flows and raw emotion, a duality of his upbringing in the city.

Watson Shoe Repair & Baltimore Sneaker Laundry

Esteemed Watson’s Shoe repair is a staple in Baltimore, from humble origins, this piece of history revitalizes sentimental footwear and has now teamed up with Baltimore Sneaker Laundry. Together they support the community of Baltimore, having donated over 1,000 pairs of sneakers to various charitable causes over the span of seven years. Sneaker enthusiasts have created this space as a special part of their sneaker collection journey.

The Nike Foamposite “Dream A World'' officially launches on 8.12 at 10AM EST at amamaniere.com, priced at $250 in Adult sizing ranging from Men’s 6/Women’s 7.5 - Men’s 13/Women’s 14.5.

All available for purchase while supplies last, US shipping only.

Enter the online draw here.