Introducing Rick Owens


Experience the creative vision of the designer known as the Lord of Darkness – Rick Owens. The American-born, Paris-based label serves as an extension of his untamed creativity within contemporary fashion. Renowned for pioneering dark couture, his latest collection, “LIDO," embodies elegance in a muted colorway.


In "LIDO," Owens experiments with distinctive basics, highly-constructed cargos, and unconventional footwear. The continuation of extended shoulders and skinny sleeves in his designs emphasizes a unique aesthetic, showcasing the versatile union of form and function.



This season, Rick Owens introduces an airy and light ambiance, curating each piece with authenticity. Infusing warm tones like pink and rust adds a touch of vibrancy to the color palette, offering a refreshing take on rebellion within his typically dark universe.



Discover the latest from Rick Owens LIDO SS24, now available at A Ma Maniére online and in-store at 1214 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002.