A Conversation with Allen Aderotoye, founder of Outside Lines

Hailing from Washington, D.C., Allen Aderotoye, founder of Outside Lines continuously looks from within and explores beyond the set boundaries to elevate the contemporary world of fashion. Aderotoye embraces his ability to shift his perspective and use his vast experiences to transform his designs into versatile wear by leaning into the communities that support him. This initiative organically sparked the latest capsule of COLOR CODE: A Ma Maniére x Outside Lines.

This capsule collection marks the synergetic relationship between A Ma Maniére x Outside Lines, featuring a narrative of going out into the world, pursuing the vision, and bringing it back to the roots. Renowned for crafting designs that effortlessly harmonize with all wardrobes, Outside Lines goes back to heritage of the brand, exploring a playful approach to deconstruct and reconstruct design elements. This capsule collection involves a transformative shift in perspective, elevating the ordinary and embracing it at a different level.

As a leading designer based in Los Angeles, why did you choose Washington D.C. as the location for revealing the Outside Lines x A Ma Maniére capsule collection?

There’s a lot of us in D.C, we all go to different places and ring a lot of bells. Something from a global perspective, it just doesn’t seem to hit, so for me, that’s what we’re doing. We’re going off, we’re making the world get behind us, and we’re bringing it back home.

What emotions or feelings do you aim to evoke the wearer when styling these pieces?

I want people to feel the art of taste, I think that’s the biggest thing that I go for. The emotion that I want them to feel is the same emotion that made me continue to push forward with this, being seen. That’s all we all look for ultimately. It’s all to feel like we are part of a community.

How does this capsule collection align with your broader vision for the evolution of Outside Lines, and what can we anticipate from the brand in the coming seasons?

I’m thinking out loud and people are paying me for it, to be very direct. I’m just constantly looking to fill the void of what I believe I need is ultimately what people similar to me might feel the same way. I work from inside to seek out what I think is necessary, and if there is a community around it, I lean further into it.



Previous collections from Outside Lines narrate important stories, what message do you want the audience to take from the capsule?

It’s all possible, that’s the biggest takeaway. Find unique ways to get your in. If you’re trying to get into this world by playing by the book, it’s not going to work for you. Whatever you’re building, keep building it if you really believe in it.

Can you tell us more about the Outside Lines brand ethos, and how you see it aligning with A Ma Maniére?

It’s synergy, I think a lot of the stories you guys portray speak about me. I’ve seen the collaborations and productions you have done, with the guy selling candy in the neighborhood. Again, I don’t really speak on nuances of cultural perspectives, the brand is kind of like–if you know, you know–but, every company or establishment we’ve collaborated is Black owned. Being that product of the environment to go on into that journey and figure out how to make it happen. From a clothing perspective, A Ma Maniére was always one of the stores that I looked forward to being in or shopping at. If I was still in D.C, I’m sure A Ma Maniére would be the shop for me. What’s better than being with the company that’s doing the best things?

Included in this capsule collection are two co-branded T-Shirts, two structured Work Jackets, and the Crazy Beanie in split hues and distressed elements. The A Ma Maniére x Outside Lines COLOR CODE capsule collection was inspired by heritage and versatility, outlined by black, white, and green hues. Crafted seamlessly in two different colorways of kelly green and black and adorned with oversized pockets, the Work Jacket is set to stand the test of time, elevating any contemporary wardrobe. Two black and white T-Shirts featuring collaborative text logos become the essential staple piece. The Crazy Beanie in split hues of green and black serve as a nod to the heritage and roots of Outside Lines.

For Allen, these pieces symbolize the emotions and actions that positioned him where he is now by thinking out loud, exploring outside the lines, and providing timeless pieces that can be worn across centuries.

COLOR CODE: A Ma Maniére x Outside Lines launches on Friday January 26th at 10AM EST on amamaniere.com.

Join Outside Lines founder Allen Aderotoye at A Ma Maniére DC on 1.26 6PM for “Living Art” the unveiling of the collection in-space. Learn first-hand about the Outside Lines experience while enjoying live music by Ryan Kersey and Brandon Woody. RSVP HERE.