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Blending the line between food & retail

A Ma Maniere EATS is our immersive lifestyle concept featured in our Houston store and upcoming Atlanta flagship, creating a unique and novel experience bringing the worlds of retail and restaurants ever so closer together.

Accentuated by a cozy and intimate kitchen serving customers and food aficionados alike, as well as host private events, the menu and specials are continuously updated to reflect the changing tastes of our customers while introducing new creations from award-winning Chef Adam Williams.

Born and raised in South Carolina and reared by both self taught and professionally trained chefs, Chef Adam Williams is a graduate of Johnson and Wales in Charleston, SC. Developing his culinary skills at hotels in Baltimore, DC, Boston, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Maui, and most recently in New York City, he went on to work for 15 years at the largest hotel company in the world, becoming an Executive Chef in two major cities and joining A Ma Maniere EATS to bring to life this innovative lifestyle concept.


“We are focused on taking your palate on a thought provoking journey through creative and unexpected dishes and drinks”


As we set our sights on reinventing retail and lifestyle experiences for our communities, our spaces serve to unlock possibilities of what can be done with passion and commitment.

The A Ma Maniere EATS concept as an integral part of the journey we are building with our consumers, evolving with both their taste and demands for finer goods and services. We are committed to bringing and presenting them the world’s greatest brands alongside the finest cuisines from our team’s travels and cultural exposure.

Weekly specials and private events are unique opportunities for us to connect deeper with tastemakers and fashion-obsessed food enthusiasts, delivering a more exclusive experience to those looking to be fully immersed in the EATS concept. Fine dining is part of the modern consumer’s aspirational habits and we continue to tailor our menu, events and offerings to make every visitor’s time with us beyond special.

Currently open at our Houston location, A Ma Maniere EATS will continue to expand as we open our Atlanta flagship location and partner with leading hospitality brands to bring our concept and vision to life across the globe. Visit us in Houston, Atlanta and beyond to experience for yourself how EATS is unlike any other fine dining experience you’ve ever imagined.